• L. P. Singh Professor, Head and Director, University Dept. of Commerce and Business Administration, L. N. Mithila University, Darbhanga (Bihar)
Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Charismatic Leadership


A survey conducted involving over 500 fortune Companies the world over reveals that their success story, to a large
extent, is the saga of the inspiring role played by a Charismatic Leader. A Charismatic Leader, to be more precise, is one
who attempts to evaluate his or her consciousness (chetana) so that various common place conflicts and dualities begin to
synthesize at higher levels. Stated differently, Charismatic Leadership attempts to transform the whole scenario in an
organization from one style or culture to another with a view to take out 'most uncommon results from the most common
people'. Charismatic Leadership has the ultimate aim of raising the level of human conduct and ethical aspirations of both
the leader and the led.
 What constitutes 'Charismatic Leadership'?
 May its principal tenets be identified precisely?
There is, in fact, no ready-made answer to these questions. True, nothing succeeds like success. Nevertheless, a very
significant tenet that has of late, emerged on the horizon of behavioral science is popularly termed as Emotional Intelligence.
A modest attempt is made in this article to deal at length with the relevant issues concerned with this New-Found Success
Mantra for the corporate leaders, in general, and for all those who aspire to attain unfailingly the perceived objectives of
their organization by ensuring optimal utilization of their precious human resources, in particular.

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