Penance is Seminal Excitement -An Employee's Perspective

  • M.A. Lahori Director, Anekant Institute of Management Studies, BaramatiDist – Pune
Keywords: Buck-passing, assisting others, work-culture-environment, Earn Your Own Bread' instigations and creating phobia.etc.


Looking to the today's work culture and informal work scenario in the most of the organization, employees
seldom take work accountability and do self drive / initiative of the work. But barring very few employees
like citizenship employees, who welcome the work accountability and enjoy the work. It is very much
experience that, down the line of the hierarchy, employees are very much perfunctory on primary duties and
reluctant to do assigned job perfectly on right time, forget about voluntarily inviting the work. The informal
groups has very significant role of instigations and creating phobia on the doers / performer and commonly
seen generating counter productivity in the organization.
Generally it is noted that, at the time of interview and even in the CV, the details of doing work or job
whatever assigned by superior time to time and voluntarily assisting others in their work is indicated. But
over period of time it gets diluted and employees became more selfish, self centric and some time instigators,
under the preview of laws and supported by the not engaged employees of the organization.
The theory X and Y of Douglas McGregor published in his book in 1960 titled, 'The Human Side of
Enterprise' has examined theories on behavior of individuals at work, and he has formulated two models
which he calls Theory X and Theory Y. It is universal truth that, an average human being has an inherent
dislike of work and will avoid it, if s/he can. It means human being has the tendency of shirking the
responsibility and buck-passing the onus of work to others.
Indeed, most of the organizations make the staff to work, by enforcing the work-culture-environment and
modus-operandi of the organizations, which takes care that very employee must work and all must do all the
functional work. For instance, it is given to understand that, teaching staff is exclusive preserve for classroom
teaching and no-way connected to administrative, admission and other allied work of the Institute.
The modern work culture of management institutes are little bit different and it work on of the philosophy of
'Earn Your Own Bread' by inculcating practice of working in admission, administrative, academic, event's
organizer, brand building events and lot more. In situation like this most of the employees do the work in
penance (unwillingness) later on penance convergent into seminal in due course among the employees as
major strength.
Hence the source of penance though it is negative at the beginning but certainly infuses as seminal for the
development of faculty in their growth path in due course of their career. Hence in nutshell doing all the
Institute work along with the class-room teaching may makes them more fruitful and meaningful to the institutions in this present scenario as well to the teachers, in long run.