Influence of Quality & Design on Purchase Intention: Empirical Study of Chinese Brand

  • Om Jee Gupta Research Scholar, Institute of Management Studies, BHU, Varanasi-221005, U.P. (India)
  • Anurag Singh Assistant Professor, Institute of Management Studies, BHU, Varanasi-221005, U.P. (India)
Keywords: Chinese Products, Product Design, Product Quality, Purchase Intention, Xiaomi mobiles


This study was undertaken in the context of Xiaomi mobile phones. Extensive literature review was carried
out to find the gap and to define the variables essential for the study. Researcher has drawn evidences from
earlier researches, which proves the relationship of product design with purchase intention and product
quality with purchase intention. On the basis of relationship, literature was reviewed. To undertake the
study, data was collected through structured questionnaire from the holy city Varanasi using convenience
sampling technique. 200 questionnaires were distributed amongst the respondents, out of those 140 were
returned responded. Total 4 questionnaires were found carrying unengaged responses. Hence researcher
has used a sample of 136. Researcher has summated the scores of all the respondents for a particular
constructs and applied linear regression technique to understand the relationship. On the basis of the
findings, researcher has drawn the managerial implications for marketers around the world. At the end,
researchers have tried to explain certain possible areas of research. Future areas of research will help the
researchers to understand the subject in better way. The result of research concludes that product design and
quality significantly and positively influence the purchase intention of consumers for purchasing Xiaomi
mobile phones.