The Commerce Research Review is an academic double-blind peer-reviewed, open-access journal focused on the diffusion of research articles on all aspects of Commerce and published on behalf of School of Management Sciences, Varanasi, India.

Aim and Scope

Commerce Research Review (CRR) publishes original papers that are empirical in nature and use quantitative and qualitative approaches for researching the commerce field from disciplines such as accounting, finance, taxation, marketing, logistics, information and knowledge management by an organisation. We do encourage new ideas, methods, analyses and arguments which inform and develop understanding and application of the commerce field.

This journal is a bi-annual journal and is published in english language only. It was first published in the year December, 2023 in an online mode by School of Management Sciences Varanasi. 

CRR coverage will focus primarily on the following topics

  • Artificial Intelligence and business management.
  • Cyber security issues in business (especially small and medium-sized businesses).
  • Marketing strategies invented and discovered by businesses in the new and dynamic business environment.
  • Sales management by business in the competitive business environment.
  • Distribution and logistics management in business.
  • Consumer behaviour analysis for better management of marketing, selling and branding activities.
  • Monetary transactions and financial challenges faced by businesses.
  • Entrepreneurial interventions enhancing the processes related to buying and selling of goods, services and idea exchange.
  • Strategic decision-making in business management.
  • Accounting in business.
  • Information and Knowledge management in Business.

The Journal places great emphasis on rigorous and timely analysis of submitted manuscripts which undergo a double-blind peer-review process. We aim to be a rigorous scientific journal in terms of argumentation and methodology.

The journal publishes research papers, reviews/discussions on literature, and research case studies. The first volume of CRR was published in Dec 2023.