Analyzing Customer Behavior using Data Mining Techniques: Optimizing Relationships with Customer

  • Aditya Kumar Gupta Lecturer, School of Management Sciences, Varanasi
  • Chakit Gupta Research, Scholar, Indian Institute of Professional Studies, Lucknow
Keywords: Data Mining, CRM, Customer Relationship


In this scenario achieving Customer satisfaction is no longer satisfied with a simple listing of marketing contacts, but wants detailed information about Customers’ past purchase as well as prediction of future purchases. Simple Database software based on SQL does not support these
increased demands for information. Data mining is often defining as finding hidden information in the database. Alternatively it has been called as data analysis, knowledge discovery and deductive learning. Data mining technologies and techniques for recognizing and tracking pattern with in data helps business sift through layers of seemingly unrelated data for meaningful relationship, where they can anticipate rather than simply read to Customer needs In this paper we discuss a business and technological overview of data mining and outline how can we optimize Customer profitability through data mining application, along with sound business processes and complement technologies, data mining can reinforce and redefine Customer relationship. The aim of this research paper to find out the role of data mining in Customer focus business strategy because -With rapid globalization of business and product differentiation becoming less relevant and competitive, Customer relationship has become a factor of competitive advantage. Today’s Customers are in charge. It is easier than ever for Customers to comparison shop and with a click of the mouse, to switch companies. As a result Customer relationship becomes a company’s most valuable asset. Every company’s strategy should address
how to find and retain the most profitable Customers.

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